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    What to Expect: D23 Expo

    I have never been to an expo or any sorts (like Comic-Con) and don't know what to expect. Are there give-a-ways? What happens at all the kiosks? What should I look for?

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    Re: What to Expect: D23 Expo

    I have been to several comic cons before and there are usually lots of giveaways at those, but I think the D23 Expo might be different because it is one company hosting the entire event. At comic cons, lots of companies buy floor space and try to sell you stuff by enticing you with giveaways. It seems like with the exception of the Dream Store, the Expo is more of a unique experience for Disney fans that will also promote new and exciting projects from all over the company. I'm sure there will be lots of handouts, such as flyers, buttons, and other miscellaneous stuff, but it's really hard to say. Disney has never done this before. I think I remember hearing that the Radio Disney booth will be giving away prizes though.

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    Re: What to Expect: D23 Expo

    Virtually all of the divisions that make up the company will be on hand,
    (for example Disney Movie Rewards sent out an e-mail today announcing their participation. They're offering a free DMR giveaway and prize drawings for "fabulous rewards") most with displays and set-ups that they utilize at other industry events such as consumer products and licensing conventions.

    There will be a great number of invited guests on-site made up of advertising and management agencies, advertisers, promotional partners, media and employees.

    I'd also expect the 9/11 WDS presentations to mirror their ShoWest and "Summer Heatwave'-esque events of the past with numerous announced and surprise celebrity appearances. They'll need to announce some in advance to nudge ticket sales and hold others back for the curiousity factor. Those events always feature promotional giveaways of the t-shirt/mini-poster/etc. variety.

    Some obvious names would include 'The Princess and the Frog's co-directors Musker and Clements, and possible performance as they did recently, with star Anika Noni Rose and composer Randy Newman and Jim Carrey and Robert Zemeckis representing 'A Christmas Carol'. Carrey could own that convention center in an Anaheim minute which he needs to. Bruce Willis' sci-fi thriller 'Surrogates' opens September 25th so that should receive a healthy push as well.

    Looking forward into next year's early releases they could pull from 'When in Rome' with Kristen Bell (also currently shooting another Disney comedy, 'You Again'), 'The Last Song' with Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear and Kelly Preston and of course, the 3D presentation of 'Beauty and the Beast' with producer Don Hahn and hopefully that film's stars and composer Alan Menken.

    And then the big guns of Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Toy Story 3'. Some friendly arm-twisting could lead to walk-ons by Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. Everyone should hear Hanks when he gets on a roll in front of an adoring live audience!

    Plus Team 'TRON' with an updated promotional push, Nicolas Cage's live-action 'Sorcerer's Apprentice', a 'Rapunzel' presentation and hopefully an official start date (& appearances) inconjunction with the fourth 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film (just try to keep producer Jerry Bruckheimer off that stage) and the new Muppets movie would be a huge crowd-pleaser.

    That's just off the top of my head though, official announcements forthcoming.
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