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    The real Walt Disney Archives Tour

    Just a quick message for the one who did the D23 tour. Did you find the WD Archives a bit too small ?

    In fact, there is a huge room behind the one we visited. You can have a glimpse of the HUGE collection on this video shoot by Disneyland paris cast members who visited the lot: Dailymotion - Road Trip USA part 11 - une vidéo Voyages (starting at 13 minutes)

    I am dead jealous of their luck. they were allowed to do whetever they want on the entire lot, go inside the soundstages and inside ABC and Feature Animation !

    Enjoy the video and get jealous :-) :-)

    Walt Disney's original plans for EPCOT, the "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow" in Florida with rare documents, photos and transcripts of this great project.

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    Re: The real Walt Disney Archives Tour

    The "huge room" in the back of the archives is just for cast members, which is why they got to go there. It's actually only meant for cast members who work AT the studios, but they probably let them in because they came from France. As you could see in the video, it had couches and lots of books, games and movies for Disney employees to enjoy.

    What you all got was the "real" tour. They don't take anybody back there.

    Also, they weren't given permission to go wherever they wanted, but they did anyways and this is part of the reason why Disney has gotten strict on who they let on the studio lot. They used to let any cast member from any aspect of the company visit the archives and the stores and the agreement was that the rest of the lot was out of bounds for you, but it appears they either didn't listen or didn't understand the rules.

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