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    Wish I would have went

    I am reading all the posts and articles on the internet about D23 and now wish I had gone. The main reason I did not go is I thought being the first of it's kind, there were going to be a whole lot of bugs to work out and it might be some sort of nightmare. I also thought the crowds would be pretty big but it looks like they are ok. I use to go to Comic Con but stopped a couple of years ago because there crowds just became too much. On the main vendors' floor at Comic Con, it became wall to wall grid lock of people. You just stood there not moving, having kids run into and you couldn't get close to the merchandise because of the crowds. God help you if you got seperated from your group because you were never going to find them and it was too loud to heard anyone on your cell phone. Sorry Comic Con, you got too big. Never again for me. As much as I want to see D23 be a be a winner, I hope it does not get too big.

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    Re: Wish I would have went

    I'm at D23 now. I didn't think I would have time to come, but worked things out to make it just today. There are bugs to work out, but seems ok for the first year. I got here about 11am and the crowds have not been bad at all. I'm waiting for one of the presentations now and this line is long, but I got in line 90 min. before the start time.


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