Looks like D23 is trying to answer some of the most frequently answered questions about their events. Just found this on their web site.


How many tickets are available for D23 events?
Space varies for each D23 event, in order to assure the best possible experience for our D23 Members. Some events, like the tours of the Walt Disney Archives and the Walt Disney Studio lot, are more intimate. Others, like Magic & Merriment, can accommodate a couple hundred people. Still others, like Candlelight SpectacularPrincess and the Frog event, have space for several hundred D23 Members and their guests.

Why do tickets sell out so quickly?
Many events are in very high demand, and in our first year we are learning which hold the greatest appeal to our Members. We are truly sorry if you didn’t get tickets to an event you had your eye on, but please know we are taking these quick “sell outs” into account as we plan our 2010 calendar. We want as many people as possible to experience these memorable D23 events.

If the event is listed as “sold out,” can I still be added to the waitlist?
If an event is listed as “sold out,” it means that the waitlist for the event has also been closed. We add as many names as possible to the waitlist, but cut it off to make sure we don’t create false expectation for our Members.

Can I show up at the event and see if someone doesn’t check in?
No, please do not come to an event until you are confirmed to attend. We will not have a waitlist at the door for any events. Additionally, please do not show up at an event with more guests than you have been confirmed for as we can not accommodate additional, unconfirmed guests.

If I’m an annual passholder at one of the Disney parks and don’t need a ticket to the park, can I get a discount on events where park tickets are included?
Our friends at Disney Parks recognize the importance of Disney’s fan community, and D23 members and their guests are provided complimentary park tickets for select D23 special events. Because of this, we only offer one ticket price for these events.

Who decides the prices for D23 events?
The prices for D23 member events are determined by event production costs and guest offerings. We want to be able to provide extraordinary experiences to our Members. In some cases, we are able to offer these experiences for free or little cost; in other cases, higher ticket prices are required.

We are attending a D23 event that offers a meal. If someone in my party has special dietary needs, can they be met?
We will do everything possible to make sure options are available for guests with special dietary needs. Please alert us at
[email protected] with as much specific information as possible. Please note, this applies only to events at which full meals are being served.

Does my membership entitle me to admission to events?
D23 membership includes the opportunity to attend special D23 Member events. Because some events have very limited capacities, we can not guarantee that being a D23 Member will mean you get into the special D23 Member event of your choice.

How soon can I sign up for an event after I purchase a membership ?
Please allow 2-3 business days after purchase for your membership to process on the events registration website.

Whom do I contact if I need assistance with my event ticket request?
Please write to the D23 Guest Services Team at
[email protected] with as much specific information as possible.

Will you continue to have free events next year?
Yes, we will continue to offer a mix of free and paid events for D23 Members.

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