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    Disney Undiscovered Calendar - Photos

    My renewal calendar came by itself today and I love it! Here are some photos so you all can see what it looks like. There are so many cool projects here that never came to fruition. Really fun to see what they were considering...

    This was a proposed landscape for a proposed Tokyo Sci Fi City for Tokyo Disneyland.

    The image below is Rock Candy Mountain, and attraction Imagineers once considered for Fantasyland.

    This is called the "Mineral King" Walt was going to build this in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Ultimately the land became part of the Sequoia National Park, so the plans were scrapped.

    The Western River Expedition -- a proposed area for WDW.

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    Re: Disney Undiscovered Calendar - Photos

    I just got my calendar today! Almost didn't get delivered since the mailman didn't want to leave it outside in the rain (nice of him), but I caught him before he left and gladly handed it over.

    I have to say that it is very informative and is a must for displaying around the house.

    What interests me is the $24.99 price tag it carries behind it. I'm curious if this was or is something they intend to sell later on. The charter gift they gave out had no price tag, but im curious as to why this one would have one...

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    Re: Disney Undiscovered Calendar - Photos

    At Christmas we give calendars to our "D" list.
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    Re: Disney Undiscovered Calendar - Photos

    I did not get my calendar in the mail are they still sending them out?

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