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    Re: :NEWS: Destination D

    Thanks for sharing, but nothing new here. Originally announced in mid-march before their 1 year party at Disneyland.

    The original discussion can be read here: Destination D 2010 & D23 EXPO 2011 Announced

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    Re: :NEWS: Destination D

    As for the OP, it's looking like I might be in the area, so you won't be alone. Alas, I might be, if I can't score two tickets--my husband is jazzed about going to the park regardless with several of my other friends.

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    Re: Destination D 2010 & D23 EXPO 2011 Announced

    Another update for Destination D. I talked to Jeffery during the Gumball Rally and asked when the tickets will go on sale. He said they will be up by the end of May, beginning of June. Everyone, get those F5 keys oiled up!
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    Re: :NEWS: Destination D

    Sorry, guys. I guess I should have checked beyond the first page before posting.

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    Re: Destination D 2010 & D23 EXPO 2011 Announced

    I am really excited about this event, but I have two major questions:

    1) Will you be required to book a hotel stay as part of the event? (I hope not, because I live locally)

    2) how much will it cost?

    I know my questions will be answered in a few weeks when tickets go one sale. I would really like to attend, but my budget can only stretch so far!


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    Re: Destination D 2010 & D23 EXPO 2011 Announced

    I would be very surprised, if there is a required hotel stay for Destination D and for the 2011 Expo. There has not been a required hotel stay for any of the D23 events in Anaheim or Orlando to date.

    I expect the registration fee to be high enough to keep the attendees under 1500.
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