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    Received Expo Exclusive "Mindstyle" figure

    Those who attended the expo in September of last year may recall a booth with wonderful vinyl figurines, including some that could only be ordered at the Expo itself. I recall there was a Chernabog, and some pretty amazing (and creative) Mickeys - all from a company called Mindstyle. I buckled and ordered the "Jiminy" figurine, and it arrived today - and it is so wonderful! I am not good at posting pictures, but apparently a few were also ordered and made available through Sideshow collectibles, so you can take a look there. I have a lot of Jiminy's but this one is so expressive, he is leaning on his umbrella and he has his "dressed up" top hat and tails - very nice! I dont know if the other event exclusives are being delivered, and it was a long wait, but well worth it IMHO! Thanks Mindstyle and D23, this was the only really "pricey" thing I bought at the Expo and it makes a wonderful memento.

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    Re: Received Expo Exclusive "Mindstyle" figure

    i know exactly what your talking about! awesome! the chernabog one blew my mind, i really wanted the audrey two themed one from little shop of horrors.

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    Re: Received Expo Exclusive "Mindstyle" figure

    Ok, where are the pictures!?

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