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    Pollyanna Screening - Prize? No envelopes please!

    I really enjoyed the "Toby Tyler" screening and thought it was great that they gave away a signed poster to one lucky member. And I think it would be fantastic if they had a prize this time, but of course I am not counting on it - I think $5 for the movie at the studio is a steal! But, I sure hope the D23 event folks realize that, by awarding the prize with an envelope under a random seat last time, there are bound to be folks who will want to go through all the seats in the theatre as soon as they get in - which would be both tacky and obtrusive. So maybe they can just give out a lottery ticket when you "check in", if there is a prize, and everyone can relax at that point? Just a thought! I am so looking forward to this next weekend - and dont forget, the Swiss Family Robinson screening tickets for 7/10 become available online this Tuesday morning! See you there!

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    Re: Pollyanna Screening - Prize? No envelopes please!

    I'm sure if they give a prize this time, the winner will be chosen by a different method.

    See you there!

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    Re: Pollyanna Screening - Prize? No envelopes please!

    i have tickets to go but it turns out i have to work now

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    Re: Pollyanna Screening - Prize? No envelopes please!

    Quote Originally Posted by lesmisfan View Post
    i have tickets to go but it turns out i have to work now
    I'm working the morning before the event
    I hope I won't be sleepy by the screening.

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    Re: Pollyanna Screening - Prize? No envelopes please!

    Surprise! They still kept with the envelope taped to the bottom of one of the seats!
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