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    Something to Treasure Contest

    As you may know, D23 held a contest earlier this year in which entrants had to write a <300 word essay describing their most beloved Disney treasure. The prize was a $500 limited edition set of Walt Disney Treasures DVDs. According to the contest rules, the winner would have been picked and notified early this month. I entered and, sadly, did not win. I was hoping a fellow MiceChatter had won the collection, and if one of you did: congratulations!!!

    EDIT: It looks like D23 announced the winner on their Facebook page. Congrats to Fran from New York!

    Also, I thought I'd share my entry:

    "When I first placed my hands on my keyboard, I had originally planned to write about a tangible Disney treasure: my Club 33 Mickey ears, perhaps; or maybe my collection of Beauty and the Beast Lenox figurines. However, as I began to think about what might be my most beloved Disney treasure, I couldn’t help but think about my twenty-year-old Sing Along Songs “Disneyland Fun” VHS tape. As a child, I watched that video obsessively! At age 3, Disneyland was my favorite place on the planet, even though I had only visited once. As Julie Andrews sagely states during “Remember…Dreams Come True,” the original Magic Kingdom truly is a place where anyone has “the power to wish upon a star and unlock its magic.” That is exactly the way I felt every time I watched “Disneyland Fun” as a child, and it is the way I feel now whenever I think of the immersive experience of walking under the Disneyland arches onto Main Street .

    Thus, after much deliberation, I decided that my most beloved Disney treasure would have to be spending time with my family and friends in the Happiest Place on Earth. All of my physical Disney treasures only hold such profound significance for me because of what they represent: one man’s dream to build a place that would bring joy to people of all ages. For me, the greatest treasure of all is that distinct smell of the water inside Pirates of the Caribbean, the glow of the Mark Twain floating by New Orleans Square at dusk, or the unique taste of a churro enjoyed while watching Fantasmic! Therefore, I must conclude that my most beloved Disney treasure is Disneyland and the memories and emotions it elicits from those who love the place as much as Walt."

    I really hope D23 offers these types of contests in the future. I just love writing about my favorite place in the world!
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    "No fear have ye of evil curses, says you? Properly warned ye be, says I. Who knows when that evil curse will strike the greedy beholders of this bewitched treasure?"


    "Perhaps ye knows too much. Ye've seen the cursed treasure, ye know where it be hidden. Now, proceed at yer own risk. These be the last friendly words ye'll hear. Ye may not survive to pass this way again."

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    Re: Something to Treasure Contest

    Very nice. Good luck to you.
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    Re: Something to Treasure Contest

    The announcement of the winner is up on the D23 site this morning.

    DAMN!!! I didn't win. Oh well, congrats to the winner.

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