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    D23-receiving membership card help

    My family and I are interested in purchasing a D23 silver membership.
    We live in Canada, however, we are taking a family vacation to Los Angeles on August 4th.
    Due to the fact that the whole family are huge Camp Rock fans, we were delighted when we found out that you can see a private screening of Camp Rock 2 on August 7th.
    I know that if I purchase the membership today, then I will receive my membership number in an email confirmation, which you need when purchasing the tickets to the event.
    However, on the website, it says that you must bring your membership card when checking into the event on August 7th.
    In addition to this, it says that your membership card will arrive within 10-12 business days.
    Due to the fact that my family is leaving on August 4th, how will we be able to receive our membership cards to bring into the event?
    Is there any way that we can pick it up from a store in advance?
    Or can someone working at D23 let the check in at The Studio Theatre know that we are in fact members, however we were unable to receive our membership cards in time?
    Let me know.
    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: D23-receiving membership card help

    Not extactly sure what to tell, that will work, but...

    I'd try contact D23. When you get you confirmation email, there should be a contact email on there, if not, let me know and I'll track one down for you from one of my events confirmation. Ask them what to do.

    And at the very least, print out our confirmation email and keep that with you until the card arrives.

    So far, from my experience, the D23 staff tries their level best to help were they can, good luck.

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