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    D23 Expo Premiere seating

    I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer for - hopefully someone here my already know.

    I purchased a Premiere Member D23 Expo ticket for my self and a D23 Member Discounted 3-Day ticket for my girlfriend. Since you can only buy one Premiere ticket per account, I could only get her the 3-day ticket (she isn't a D23 member).

    The question is, will she be able to stay with me at Premiere seating events since she is in my party or will we need to be split up?


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    Re: D23 Expo Premiere seating

    The rules seem pretty clear: you will need to be split up. The Premiere tickets are for one person, not one person and guest. It would be like buying a lawn ticket to a concert and a general admission ticket for your girlfriend. You'd be seeing the show from different parts of the stadium.

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    Re: D23 Expo Premiere seating

    You will of course have the option to not split up and sit with her in the non-premiere section.

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    Re: D23 Expo Premiere seating

    Well either way man, in a gentlemen-like standpoint, I say you should be with her. Either sit with her, or buy her a silver membership and then a premiere ticket. I know from experience that putting your biggest interest over your girlfriend sometimes like this may not be a good thing. But I guess it also depends what she thinks of it, but it's better to take the safe side.

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