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Thread: d23 questions

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    d23 questions

    I older the d23 gold member and i wanted to know how long dose it take? Because i older my in oct 15 and it have not come yet?

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    Re: d23 questions

    i think mine took about a month to arrive
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    Re: d23 questions

    I've been a member for awhile and I just got my Winter issue (with the Tron cover) the first week of November, which is when it started shipping for everyone. Like MickeyFan said, it will probably take a few weeks for it to ship and since you just joined, it may be awhile for you to get yours while they are processing the shipments for the older members. But I would expect you should get it in the next week or two at the latest.

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    Re: d23 questions

    I've still not had my Winter issue (International member) so I'm getting a little irritated. And its not even the first issue since renewing (its the second).

    You'd think they'd fix these kinks by now.

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