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    D23 Ticket Question

    This will be my first year attending D23 and I'm very excited. My question is, does the event sell out? Is it like Comic Con, where if you don't buy tickets early they will sell out? I prefer purchasing my tickets closer to the event, when I am more aware of my scheduling. Thanks!

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    Re: D23 Ticket Question

    Two years ago it didn't sell out. I don't think that this event will have anywhere near the number of people who attend comic con so you should be fine buying your ticket closer to the event. - costuming and random Disney stuff

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    Re: D23 Ticket Question

    This is the second year so it's tough to gauge if it will sell out, but I doubt it. However, by buying your tickets early, you can get a discounted rate.

    PS: Micechat does have a D23 section for D23 related discussions - D23 - Disney Twenty Three

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    Re: D23 Ticket Question

    My sub question is when will they come out with a schedule??
    I'm for sure going, but will decide on which day by what speakers/events there will be.

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    Re: D23 Ticket Question

    I'll be there as a vendor! Come by and say hello!

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