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    D23 Exclusive Pins

    Why are D23 Exclusive pins so expensive??? We pay for the privilege of belonging to the "Official Disney Fan Club" and then they charge exorbitant prices?

    I was at Disneyland this week and they had a D23 exclusive pin - very nice looking if I may say so myself - and I did buy it, but it was $19.95. I had to take the card to the till and show my D23 card to get it. The most expensive pin they have on the racks other than limited editions are like $12.95, I think. Most, if not all of the pins online at D23 Boutique are also $19.95 each vs. the others. I don't think the D23 pins are limited editions...

    In my opinion, we should be getting D23 exclusive pins at the same price points as the others, or a discount on the regulars to make up for paying more for the exclusive ones.

    I doubt I will be buying many more D23 pins in the future if prices stay where they are.
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    Re: D23 Exclusive Pins

    While they may not be listed as 'limited edition' I can't imagine that they make a ton of the D23 pins, making them somewhat collectible. I guess that's probably why the higher price. Besides, there really aren't that many D23 pins to be had at the parks. I'd pay that price. I have paid that price.

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    Re: D23 Exclusive Pins

    That is one reason why, even though i love many of the D23 pins, I have only bought one. But to be fair it seems like many of the regular pin prices have gone up as well, and I am buying less of those for that reason too.
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