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Thread: Last D23 Expo?

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    Last D23 Expo?

    Does anyone know if there will be another D23 Expo? I am wondering if D23 is a success, and if there is any news or rumors about the program continuing? While I liked the events I went to, it feels like D23 isn't getting any bigger. I assumed there would be tons more events by now. And I have a feeling this might be it for D23 this year, at least the expo. Anyone have any news?

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    Re: Last D23 Expo?

    They are beginning to fill in the schedule on the D23 Expo page, it's shaping up quite well. I hope it continues as I really think it's a fun thing.

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    Re: Last D23 Expo?

    I don't think anyone can answer this question right now. When the first D23 Expo was held in 2009, it was common belief that it would be an annual event. Shortly afterwards, they announced it would be held every two years, with the Destination D events happening in the alternating years.

    I suppose it'll depend on attendance, demand, and everything else that makes an economics teacher happy. For now, I'm looking forward to this Expo, and will worry about any future events when they're announced.

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    Re: Last D23 Expo?

    From the little bits information I've been able to cull is that the first Expo so wildly exceeded expectation that D23 and Disney management were caught off guard. The plan for Expo1 however didn't quite meet expectation, especially those of the fans. I heard more that a few people in lines complaining that they were spending too much time in lines.

    It'll be interesting to see how things change at this Expo. But, I do think thing are going to run a little differently.

    Oh yeah, for that the things that D23 has pulled off, do you know how many dedicated D23 staffer there are? Last number I had was

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