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Thread: D23 questions

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    D23 questions

    Hi I am probably posting this is the wrong forum section but nevermind

    I am a REALLY big disney freak according to my friends. I am from the UK and I have never heard of D23 until recently this month. I really want to go and I am finally in college and old enough to have a full time job but I have a few questions about it. Hopefully some members with experience can help me.

    I also know that you need to be a member of D23 which I will become pretty soon :3

    1. Where about is the expo itself in California.

    2. How can I get into the disney legends and other events inside, are they seperate tickets especially for seeing the disney channel show casts

    3. Because I will be 17 when I go (august is my birthday month) can I stay at a small bed and breakfast because i cant go to a hotel

    4. Is this a yearly event

    5. can you cosplay too?

    Thanks for taking time to read all these questions
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