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    The New Talking Mickey Mouse at D23

    I was walking the floor on Friday and found Mickey Mouse doing a photo-op. I started to record it but to my suprise he started talking to people! Here is the short clip… The New Talking Mickey Mouse at D23 | Disney by Mark

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    Re: The New Talking Mickey Mouse at D23

    I got to see him on Saturday and I was excited!
    I was jealous of the people that got to see him in Toontown a few months ago at Disneyland and being able to talk to him at D23 made up and I'm not jealous any more. I hope in future when they get Mickey 100% right and in the parks that they start working on other characters to talk as well.

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    Re: The New Talking Mickey Mouse at D23

    I am dying to know how the wonderful folks at Disney make it possible for Mickey to talk in person. He must have had a really bad cold all these years. Glad he is feeling better!

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