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    Question Do You Have Videos of These Panels from the 2011 Expo?

    Does anyone here have (or have you found videos online) of the following presentations from this year's Expo:

    * Don Hahn: Why We Create
    * It's a Small World: Celebrating 45 Years
    * Pixar Shorts
    * Legends of Walt Disney Imagineering

    If you can provide me with or point me to any or all of these, I would appreciate it!

    Check out my blog Faith and the Magic Kingdom! Finding and exploring illustrations, metaphors, examples and lessons for the Christian life found at the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland.

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    Re: Do You Have Videos of These Panels from the 2011 Expo?

    Unfortunately, I just have short clip of Richard Sherman playing "it's a small world" from that panel. I wish I would have recorded the whole thing, but I wasn't in a good place to record from. Richard Sherman's song was just so moving, I had to record as much as I could.

    Sorry to be no help, whatsoever!

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