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    Missing in Action!

    Anyone know what's up with new episodes of Disney Geek and Armchair Archivist?
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    Re: Missing in Action!

    About a month ago Jeffrey said the Geek was going on 'hiatus' for a 'few weeks'..This bums me out as that's TV speak for 'gone forever', so we'll see if either of these ever return. I'm worried about continued fall out from the Expo here.

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    Re: Missing in Action!

    Jeffrey just got back from a two week cruise. He was on one of the Disney ships for a repositioning cruise.

    I'd imagine we'll see a new Disney Geek soon.
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    Re: Missing in Action!

    I really enjoyed the Armchair Archivist series, but the last ones felt like rush jobs. There's so much they could dig out of the archives and do video series on. The series must not be a high priority. Heck, they should hire me to do it!

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    Re: Missing in Action!

    I woukd not mind being the Disney Geek.

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    Re: Missing in Action!

    disney geek is asome i cant to watch him agen
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