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    Re: Attention Disney Fans ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wiggins View Post
    What no one is allowed to do on this forum, however, is to belittle and label the opinions and motives of those who don't like D23 as (in your words) "silly," motivated by "some weird personal grudge" to "whine and complain," and mock them as "you are all a source of endless amusement."
    And yet it seems perfectly acceptable for some to berate and belittle the leadership of Disney whenever they choose... interesting.

    Mr. Wiggin, I believe the forum guideline are not to belittle the individual, not the opinion. But, you like so many others I've encountered on these site, seem to feel the any disparagement of your opinion is a direct assault on you as an individual. Makes it very difficult to have civil discourse when things are taken so personally.

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    Re: Attention Disney Fans ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Second Star View Post
    And yet it seems perfectly acceptable for some to berate and belittle the leadership of Disney whenever they choose... interesting.
    You're confusing the members of this website who berate and belittle the public figures who run the public Disney Corporation (which the owners of the site allow, subject to the site's posting rules), with those who berate and belittle their fellow site members (which the owners of the site do not allow).

    As has been repeated hundreds of times by this site's administration and staff, all opinions of Disney are welcome to be posted here, subject to the posting rules of the site -- which prohibit bashing, belittling, mocking, invalidating or attacking other site members.

    "Argue the contents of the posts, not the posters" is the golden rule of MiceChat. Calling members who criticize D23 "silly," claiming their criticism is motivated by "some weird personal grudge," dismissing them as "whiners and complainers," and mocking them as "you are all a source of endless amusement" are disparagements of other members and thus are in violation of MiceChat's posting rules.
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    Re: Attention Disney Fans ...

    We don't allow personal asides. Period.

    Whenever a post contains the word, "you" there is an extremely high chance one is making a personal aside about another person, or a group of people, and that post has wandered outside what our rules allow.

    These direct correction/comment posts about each other are not appropriate. When members go from describing why they do/don't have a positive take on a subject, to pointing out motives, or any other thing about the opposition opinion, they are also out of line.

    Make sure your posts never directly refer to, direct, opine about the mental capacity, yada, yada, yada, of another person, group, or side which you don't agree with.

    If a member is breaking a rule of this site, report the post, and give them the appropriate rep. Be sure, though, that you are not just reporting them because they don't happen to share your beliefs. If you find them or their opinions irritating, or not making sense to you, this is not a like or dislike situation system. In any case, do not make them the subject of a thread through your comments about them, thus interrupting the flow of the actual topic of a thread. Never, never make it your business to police a thread publicly. Report it if a rule is broken. Let the mods deal with it. Go have some hot tea or your beverage of choice, and come back to the discussion when you are ready to be kind to each other and are ready to have a civil discussion about the subject matter.

    Back on topic, please, and if you wish to discuss this with me, do so privately, and don't continue to derail this thread. All the above, applies to those on every side of this particular discussion.

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    Re: Attention Disney Fans ...

    Quote Originally Posted by merlinjones View Post
    IMHO -- Personally, I wish that D23 would be more focused on using their unique position in the company to help pry open the vaults; to advocate for the actual availability to the public of unreleased historic media from the Walt era: movies, tv shows, animation art, music, LPS and singles, film festivals, screenings, a Disney Classics Channel, etc. -- rather than just having presentations to memorialize those things for fans (though that is a nice thing too), while the actual works remain largely unavailable to new generations and the broader public. Focus on restoration, preservation, rebuilding, exhibition, distribution -- expanding and renewing the legacy of the classic works and characters -- and not so much PR for already available and touted products and franchises to the already converted.

    My perception is: When asked about releasing Walt era products, other parts of the company often reply: "D23 does that now" -- but they don't really.
    I think D23 does have a great mix of old and new. Take the Destination D 75 Years of Animaiton event. Priceless..actual people involved including the 93 year old Snow White model and many generations of Tinker Bell models/voices etc. The legacy is amazing as we found out when we visited the Animation Library during the extra day events and saw many priceless items being cataloged and preserved and also sent out to share at exhibits. We met Dave Smith at the Archives and held an actual Oscar..we were free to explore and ask questions. I think as the Company at large sees the interest in the things D23 does it may encourage the Company to go further with the many things you've described. First they have to see an interest. The Disney Family Museum is a great outreach and education venue for historical exposure to those who may know little to nothing about Disney history. But really..that is not the focus of D23..they are a FAN club..hopefully they get more fans to join, but their purpose is not to create fans, but put on events that fans enjoy across the whle spectrum of the company, and they do an amazing job. It is Disney the company's job to create the fans.
    I also do not understand the griping of the price for events. $225.00 for a guaranteed seat at amazing presentations that went from morning to late at night. The concerts by themselves would be worth well more than $100 a ticket. Alan Menken doesn't do was an amazing event and that alone was worth more than the price of the ticket. I think there were 10 or so presentations over the two days..that's 25.00 each.. a bargain.

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    Re: Attention Disney Fans ...

    Exactly. But even if you don't go to any events it's still a good deal. I noticed that most everyone used the same arguments against D23 that they always have, but no one bothered to comment on the fact that no other entertainment company or franchise offers anything close to this. The best you can do is something like the Justin Bieber Fan Club.

    No, it seems the preference is to slam Disney for being money hungry while simultaneously loving it for its creative products. It's a very bizarre relationship many people have with Disney. And it really is both fascinating and amusing.

    Why those are put-downs, or perceived to be, I don't know.

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