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  • Fanniversary Celebrations

    14 45.16%
  • 50 and Fabulous Screenings

    6 19.35%
  • From the Vaults Screenings

    5 16.13%
  • Mickey's of Glendale Shopping

    9 29.03%
  • Disney Studios and Archives Tour

    8 25.81%
  • D23 Expo

    28 90.32%
  • Disney and Dickens

    4 12.90%
  • WDW Holiday Splendor

    6 19.35%
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    D23 Announces 2013 Schedule of Events

    D23 is preparing for a big year of events in 2013, including another "Fanniversary" tour of the country, holiday events, movie screenings (new and old), and the crowning event of the year, the D23 Expo. You'll see many of your favorite events return as well as a few new ones.

    Take a look at the list below and let us know what you are looking forward to in 2013.

    D23 2013 Events Calendar:

    • March–April: D23’s Disney Fanniversary Celebration, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark, Orlando, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C. and will revisit some of the most beloved theme park attractions, animated and live-action films, TV series, and nearly 90 years of Disney history.
    • April 13: 50 and Fabulous—Son of Flubber, Burbank, Calif.
    • April 13: Mickey’s of Glendale shopping day, Glendale, Calif. MICKEY'S OF GLENDALE is the Walt Disney Imagineering employee store. Members will have an opportunity to purchase limited-edition merchandise and view the park-like grounds at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts' creative “think tank.”
    • May 4: D23 Day at the Walt Disney Studios and Archives, Burbank, Calif. Popular member-only tours of the historic Studio Lot and Walt Disney Archives in Burbank
    • June 1: D23 Day at the Walt Disney Studios and Archives, Burbank, Calif.
    • June 8: 50 and Fabulous—Summer Magic, Burbank, Calif.
    • June 8: Mickey’s of Glendale Shopping Day, Glendale, Calif.
    • August 9–11: D23 Expo 2013, Anaheim, Calif. The Expo brings all the wonderful worlds of Disney together under one enormous roof for three days. From The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts to Disney Consumer Products and media networks, guests will see new products, special panels and presentations, movie screenings, celebrity appearances and autograph signings, and gain fresh insights into movies, television, theme parks, animation, Disney history, and more.
    • September: Sip & Stroll, Walt Disney World Resort
    • September 14: D23 Day at The Walt Disney Studios and Archives, Burbank, Calif.
    • September 15: 50 and Fabulous: The Sword in the Stone, Burbank, Calif.
    • November 2: D23 Day at The Walt Disney Studios and Archives, Burbank, Calif.
    • November 16: From the Vaults—20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Burbank, Calif.
    • December: Disney and Dickens, Burbank, Calif. A return of the event which was so popular last year.
    • December: D23’s Holiday Splendor, Walt Disney World Resort. An all new holiday event at Disney World.

    For more information on these events as they become available, be sure to check back on or visit Disney D23.
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    Re: D23 Announces 2013 Schedule of Events

    i cant wait for the expo
    i still need to go to the exhibit at the museum
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    Re: D23 Announces 2013 Schedule of Events

    You know, I have been on the fence about doing D23 because of money but I don't know. Some of those events look really fantastic...
    I may be choosing which side of the fence I'm on pretty soon.

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    Re: D23 Announces 2013 Schedule of Events

    I think I'm finally sucking it up and am joining D23 this month. I want to get discounted tix for the expo and I don't want to miss any key panels just because I couldn't get early entry like last time. And I'd love to finally do that studio tour and see one of the 50 and Fab screenings.

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    Re: D23 Announces 2013 Schedule of Events

    It still seems like D23 is only something to join if you live in SoCal. I might try to get east for the Sip and Stroll in Epcot. Still I look forward to Expo the most, next summer should have big attraction announcements for Shanghai and WDW, and hopefully DLR.

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    Re: D23 Announces 2013 Schedule of Events

    Definitely looking forward to the Fanniversary events again since we missed out on it last year and it's actually somewhat close to us.

    We're also looking forward to the Expo since we've been to the last least we're hoping to make it. This will be the first time we are having to make a major trip in order to attend since we moved last year.

    We are also hoping to get our website/blog rolling in order to report on the Expo.
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    Re: D23 Announces 2013 Schedule of Events

    Just ran across this, and it pretty much makes my decision a cinch -- after thinking about it a LOT and being a big big D23 supporter I'm not rejoining. They have ALL of Disney film history to choose from, and they choose "20,000 Leagues" (for the umpteenth time), "The Sword in the Stone" and "The Son of Flubber"? Good Lord.

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    Re: D23 Announces 2013 Schedule of Events

    I hope that Pirates of the Caribbean 5's full movie title gets announced at the next D23 Expot event in August 2013 ! . I voted for the D23 Expo event in the poll above .
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    Re: D23 Announces 2013 Schedule of Events

    i might not be able to attend this year's expo, Does anyone know if they do make the Vinylmations available online to us?? .I just joined last year so i don't know about the previous one.\

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    Re: D23 Announces 2013 Schedule of Events

    I think the thing I interested in is the expo and the 20,000 events
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    Re: D23 Announces 2013 Schedule of Events

    I know this may be in the wrong spot but..I was wondering if the D23 members actually enjoy it and got their money's worth. I was thinking of getting a membership. Just wanted to know what everyone else's thought was. Thanks.

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