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    Would you like to see a Q & A at the end of the WD Parks & Resorts presentation?

    For example 5 great questions from D23 members the guests want answer too! That didn't get announced at the expo presentation

    such as

    Is a 3rd gate coming to the Disneyland Resort?

    Is a 5th gate coming to WDW?

    when is TL getting its long overdue renovation?

    when are more disney hotels coming to the disneyland resort?

    Is DCA getting more expansions and renovations?

    is Star Wars land coming to DHS?

    share your questions?

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    Re: Would you like to see a Q & A at the end of the WD Parks & Resorts presentation?

    I would like to have the opportunity to ask questions, but I don't think it will ever happen. The Parks and Resorts presentation basically tells us about everything that Disney is willing to share with us at the time, so most of the questions that people would ask would probably be met with very general responses or "we can't tell you that at this time". Also, with the presentation happening in the huge arena, it would be hard for many people to get up to a microphone. But theoretically, I'd love to get those questions answered.

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    Re: Would you like to see a Q & A at the end of the WD Parks & Resorts presentation?

    If questions were opened up to everyone, I'm afraid the quality of questions would be poor. Inevitably something about lowering the cost of APs or Parking would come up, which would get hand waved away.
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