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    So it'll be my first year at D23! Honestly, the website confuses the h*** out of me, so what's going on there, I only have a vague idea of. Is there a schedule anywhere with the list of panels/pavilions/things to do? I'm hearing some bad stories about last year's event so I'd like to be prepared. My mother's got a D23 membership so hopefully that speeds things up...If anyone can give me an idea on how a typical D23 trip goes, I'd really appreciate it. The only thing I've got down pat is to show up at the Anaheim Convention Center. I'm not even sure how to get in, how to navigate the area, where to go and for what...
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    Re: Halp

    On the D23 expo website there is a "things to know" link and a schedule. Read both of those. The schedule will continue to be updated until the day of so keep an eye on it and pick the things you want to go to. Plan to arrive at the presentations you want to see early so don't try to go straight from one panel to another right after. Also things are pretty screwed up this year so even people who have gone to the past two have no clue whats going on. They are offering stage passes for some presentations. You have to find out where they are handing those out and pick one show in the morning that you want to see, and then come back after 12:00 and pick one show for the afternoon that you want to see. I believe these are only for shows and panels in stage 23 and stage 28. It gives you a guaranteed spot in that presentation, but not assigned seating so you may still want to get there a little early. Usually things are pretty well marked and there are enough workers around that can point you in the right direction. Although right now it sounds like even the cast members don't really know what's going on this year. Hope this helped.

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    The first thing you need to know is you are gonna be standing in A LOT OF REALLY LONG LINES. Wear comfy shoes and bring something to do. Be aware that they may have you check your electronic devices at some presentations, but as we found out the hard way leaving them at home does NOT get you in the door any quicker.They will give you a printed schedule as you check in and there will be a timetable as you walk onto the floor (this will be the most reliable).There will be plenty of walk through pavilions and lots of interesting merchandise,so if you don't get into a presentation you won't be bored. Don't be afraid to ask questions,I know I complain about D23 alot, but once you talk to a real d23 representative they are quite helpful. Oh I almost forgot, keep your eyes out for the free giveaways, I got a compact from Once Upon A Time and an Phineas and/or Ferb packback (I'm not sure which is which, but my niece loved it).
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