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    Is this possible?

    I wanted to get a Stage Pass for the "Once Upon A Time" panel tomorrow morning. Will I be able to do that and be able to make the presentation in the Arena?

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    Re: Is this possible?

    you will probably need someone to hold your spot in line.

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    Re: Is this possible?

    They will not let you leave the arena line to get a stage pass. To do this you would have to have someone save your seat, wait in the outside general floor entrance, get your stage pass, go back outside, get in the arena line so you can go through their security, and hope to get in. If you read this in time I doubt it.... its 6:00am and already a lot of people here for the arena and I don't think you would get in after getting a stage pass...

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    Re: Is this possible?

    I would try to have someone save your place in line and then go grab the Stagepass. The attendants are all very hit and miss and the consistency and firmness of any rules and protocol has been varying greatly.
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