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    Toy Story of Terror: and the motivation behind Pixar's Short form content

    Jim Morris welcomes the crowd by entering and explaining the format.

    Producer Galyn Sussman, Director Angus Maclane, Producer Mary Alice Drumm, C-director Rob Gibbs all take the stage.

    Jim Morris begins by asking Galyn what she likes about creating a world in short form. "The crew is more intimate. As a producer it is an enormously satisfying thing."

    Galyn and Angus both spoke of how much more fun it was to create content with a time constraint of one half hour.

    Mary Alice compared feature production to short production. "One of the exciting things about working in toons is the variety of people you get to work with"

    Sussman, " The kinds of imagery we create now are a lot more advanced than the original Toy Stories to today. It's difficult to keep them modern and current without loosing their identity"

    Mary Alice speaks about how John Lasetter is involved with the shorts. " He's very involved!"

    Rob Gibbs added "Oh he's very involved from the global changes to the minute story issues, even fine-tuning things within a fraction of a second"

    Mary Alice "Yeah everyone gets one-on-one time with John."

    Jim Morris asks, "where do the ideas from the shorts come from?"

    Maclane answered, they come from everywhere. Small fry came from a drawing i did of a big Buzz lightyear holding a small buzz and then my idea of doing a scene with a toy support group."

    "We also pulled ideas from just thinking about the different genres we could do, like 70's crime show, horror, etc." Rob said.

    JIm asked what other Car Toons are in the works now.

    Radiator springs 500 and a half (2014 the Disney Chanel) and To Protect and serve. RSR 500 centers on a Baja race.

    Now we will be seeing a "recut" trailer of Toy Story of Terror. it comes with with major warnings.

    WOW that was amazingly good. Very horror story.

    Big downer though, they are not reshowing any clips of the Toy Story of Terror. Lame.

    Well that was was it and they are now taking questions from the audience.

    The presentation, while interesting, was a bit of a let down in that the title subject was not at all shared, showcased or explored to any large degree.
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    Re: Toy Story of Terror: and the motivation behind Pixar's Short form content

    Well, now I'm not sad that:

    1) I got to see 10 mins of TSOT at the Animation bit in the arena, and

    2) Not going to this, so I could get John Musker and Ron Clement's autographs.

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