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    Steven Clark Announces D23 will return to Anaheim in 2015

    Steven Clark was being interviewed live from D23, by , and confirmed that the D23 Expo WILL return to Anaheim in 2015!

    This is great news, especially since there was some concern prior to D23 2013, whether or not this EXPO would continue.

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    Re: Steven Clark Announces D23 will return to Anaheim in 2015

    That is good news hard to believe they would cancel a popular event but we all know how corporations work.

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    Re: Steven Clark Announces D23 will return to Anaheim in 2015

    I mean...makes sense...heck I think Disney COULD do it every year and still sell out..heck if i was have Star Wars Celebration one year..then the next D23

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    Re: Steven Clark Announces D23 will return to Anaheim in 2015

    I broke down and went Saturday -- I couldn't justify wasting $80+ in admission. I enjoyed it. Didn't go to any panels. The queue management was silly and I felt like I was living in some Communist country....even though, ironically, I get angry about the LACK of queue management at Disney theme parks! The floor was very nicely uncrowded. The whole place seemed more or less empty, except for the few minutes when people came out of the arena. The lines, while ridiculous in their complexity, were easy to get through (Imagineering took me 11 minutes), but I didn't feel like there was all that much to see within the Disney-sponsored area, which felt very corporate and manufactured and sanitized. I did, however, really love going into the Collector's Area, where I got to see a lot of stuff I grew up with and even bought a couple of items. I didn't go to any panels/presentations, so I can't comment on those, but from the perspective of the floor itself, I was done after three hours and felt it was pretty much all the same (but with different names of shows and movies) as two years ago.

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