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    Re: Overall Reviews of D23 Expo 2013

    i thought one of the staff members in the Hatbox ghost imagineering section was extremely rude...

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    Re: Overall Reviews of D23 Expo 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by EvilRocketeer View Post
    i thought one of the staff members in the Hatbox ghost imagineering section was extremely rude...
    You weren't that little know-it-all kid who talked that one staff members' ear off about all the Hatbox Ghost trivia, and pretty much kept insisting THBG be put back in HM, were you?

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    Re: Overall Reviews of D23 Expo 2013

    Ok, I'm sorry, but anyone who either liked or loved it obviousely didn't go to the same D23 Expo that I went to a few weeks ago.

    Yes, I was lucky enough to get into the 2 main arena presentations, but at a cost- after waiting over 5-6 hours to attend the Arena on Friday & Saturday and was seated in the balcony, by the time they were over there were hardly any show passes left for any of the other presentations that day. The only ones left were Aulani on Friday- big whoop, and Star Wars 101 on Saturday, which was a waste of time and I'm a huge Star Wars fan.

    I got so fed up waiting on lines for autographs and freebies to be told that they just ran out by the time I got to the front of the line or was told the line was cut before I got on it.

    The Dream Store merchandise wasn't thrilling at all to waste my time waiting on yet another line to buy crap & the Disney Store, which had much better merchandise, had 1-3 hour wait times every day of the Expo- I managed to walk in to the Disney Store the first night a few minutes before closing & was told I had to come back to purchase anything the next day- needless to say, I never got back in again since lines were even worse on Saturday & Sunday- I felt like I was one of the only guests that didn't have the Ariel tote giveaway in the convention center.

    I attended all 3 days and yet went home feeling that I got absolutely nothing accomplished. It even took about a 1/2 hour just to buy food. You had to pick and choose what you wanted, but if you waited on line for one thing, you gave up about a dozen others.

    The extra hour entry didn't help at all since the last day I got on the early entry line- I finally got in an hour and a half later- so there went my early entry. I'm sorry, I'm not crazy enough to get in line at midnight to have the opportunity to be one of the first few to enter the expo.

    I also agree that they should give preference to the level of D23 membership- why should the free D23 members have the same privilege's as the gold and silver members- they offer perks for the Sorcerer's packages, but nothing for the Gold and Siver D23 members, other than the charter member lounge.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Disney & have been to almost all of the previous D23 Expos, Disneyana conventions, WDCC conventions, Haunted Mansion events, Pirates events and numerous pin events in the past 25 years or so, and even after all that time, you would think Disney would finally get something right, yet they never learn from their mistakes and never seem to improve much.

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