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    Re: Anyone doing San Diego Comic Con?

    Looonggg day

    Up looks fantastic already. Bolt still looks only good to me, definitely a DVD rental if not a matinee showing. It's amazing how right after seeing nearly 20 minutes of Bolt (yes, they previewed that much for us!) only about 5 minutes of Pixar can totally make me want more and more. Pixar is definitely working on a different level, no doubt about it.

    Somebody made a LaughingStock out of themselves in the Q&A portion with Pete Docter, which made me briefly embarrassed to be a Disney fan. Sigh... oh well.

    I have some photos of Bolt and Up ... but unfortunately I forgot my card reader at home, so you'll have to wait until Monday to see any of it.

    Also caught a panel for Terminator: Salvation which blew me away. I've never particularly been a fan of the Terminator films, but this one looks awesome and I'm excited for it. It can't hurt that director McG is one hell of a panelist -- he made you want to see this film. The cast is great, too.

    All-in-all another great day at Comic Con. Tomorrow is the last day... we probably won't stick around for much... its mostly a kids programming day, if I remember correctly.

    Oh, and they didn't do an encore showing of the TRON 2 "trailer."

    Oh yeah -- there's now an Up teaser site online -- --- the URL was given to Comic Con attendees first today! Enjoy
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