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    bay area craiglist list ad disney bundle first come first serve

    for whoever is intrested i am selling alot of my disney collection for a very cheap price. i am on disibilty and need to pay rent so i have no chocie. Any body intrested that lives in the bay area let call me or email me. here is the link to the ad my info is one there. i am selling a limtied edtion donald duck watch, a disney world etched glass peice, a film cell collection and thorwing in a whole buch of other stuff for 500. i am only selling this in person so it is for people who live in the bay area, i am not shipping. my email is [email protected]. sorry that i cant ship but i need to sell this in person as one i need the money soon and i have gotten taken before because I accepcted a money order that turned out to be fake.
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    Re: bay area craiglist list ad disney bundle first come first serve

    Hi: I'm not in the bay area, but thought I'd throw out some unsolicted advice. If you are concerned about someone being dishonest, don't take a regular check from them when you meet in person. Either get a cashier's check and call the issuing bank to make sure it's valid before accepting it, or get cash. If you get cash, I'd arrange to go to a bank with the buyer and have a teller there make sure that the cash is not counterfeit. I know it may sound overly paranoid on my part, but it's safe. Good luck with the sale!

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