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    The Magical Music of Walt Disney, Original Motion Picture Sound Tracks with Full Colo

    Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM)
    This will only be available on saturday the 11th .. has one item per day..


    Original 1978 release, not a reissue or remaster
    Anthology of classic Disney art and music
    Music, dialogue, and sound effects from original Walt Disney motion picture soundtracks
    Compiled from famous Disney cartoons, classics, animated features, live action films, Disneyland, and Walt Disney world
    52 page full color book includes a collection of authentic Disney art including original sketches, drawings, paintings, film stills and rare behind the scenes photographs
    Released in 1978 to commemorate Mickey Mouse's 50th birthday, Ovation Records collected the Music, Dialogue and Sound Effects from 37 Original Walt Disney Motion Picture Soundtracks and masterfully reprocessed them
    This special commemorative edition box set covers Disney’s career and the history of Walt Disney Productions with special emphasis on the music and the people who created it
    Reprocessed for stereo sound
    Written and produced by Dick Schory

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    Re: The Magical Music of Walt Disney, Original Motion Picture Sound Tracks with Full

    Super! Just might get this. Decades of digitally enhanced, remastered disney songs would mean entertainment that would take me back forward ..and I'd be lovin' every minute of it.
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