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    The Disney Animation Cel Thread

    This is a thread to talk about original Disney Animation cels. Some of you may own these fine pieces of art, some of you (like me) may dream of owning them. If you have anything, feel free to post photos for us to see!I recently surfed the internet for some, and the most expensive I could find was around $16,000 in U.S. dollars. It was the sorcerer Mickey from the Fantasia sketch. There were others on the site, and most of the didn't go over a few thousand dollas. I think the average price was around $800. I'll provide the link:

    Animation art gallery ? Pop Art Gallery - Animation Art cels from Disney, Simpsons, etc...

    For all I know, it could be a phoney seller.
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    Re: The Disney Animation Cel Thread

    Hi, making my first post here. Signed up for researching my first trip to Disneyland since I went once as a kid. Searched for cel just to see if people came across animation art galleries there, or ones for sell there. Too bad not like the old days when cels had no value and when you visited the Disney parks they just gave you a random cel as a souvenir when you visited. So there probably a lot of attics with very valuable cels.

    Anyway, here's part of my collection that I can say are Disney:

    I lucked out getting the Aristocat cel for a low price off ebay, haven't seen such a good shot of Duchess from any dealer. Perfect expression, large size, and centered. Like mentioned, Disney stuff can be very expensive, even limited edition cels.

    Here's more of my collection, which has a lot of Don Bluth work:

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