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Thread: Finding Nemo

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    Finding Nemo

    There is a part in Finding Nemo where one of the "fish kids" say's, "Oh my gosh, Nemo is swimming out to sea." Does anyone know of any merchandise that may have that fish on it?
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    Re: Finding Nemo

    Hi there ~ I know exactly which fish you're talking about but have not seen any merchandise that features her. According to Wikipedia, her name is Kathy:

    [Kathy: A blue buck-toothed fish who points out that Nemo is swimming out to sea to touch the boat (or "butt", as they mispronounced) "Oh my gosth! Nemo's thwimming out to thea!"]

    After several searches, I only found one picture that even included her. She's just above Nemo's tail in this artwork for a comic book cover:

    Finding Nemo 1 - Cover A by *mimi-na on deviantART

    There's not even a picture of her in the two Nemo coloring books we have but maybe someone else has seen her somewhere. Good luck in your search!
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