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    Blue Fairy to be included in MSEP #4

    I don't know if this is new news to anybody here, but I was told by Olszewski Studios that the BLUE FAIRY would be a part of the MSEP set #4.

    "Yes the Blue Fairy is intended to be included in the Electrical Parade, she will be part of set #4." Travis Tokuyama, Olszewski Studios

    It would be included along with the Dumbo's Circus section, though she is, of course, from Pinocchio. I'm very happy about this as I always remember her as starting off the MSEP.

    Let me know if this has changed...

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    Re: Blue Fairy to be included in MSEP #4

    This is news to me, but would make sense if the Pinnochio units were included with Dumbo's Circus.

    So, right now, based off this, the wave breakdowns look like:

    Wave #3 - Cinderella & Peter Pan Units
    Wave #4 - Dumbo and Pinocchio
    Wave #5 - To Honor America

    Only unit that doesn't have a home right now is Snow White. We'll have to wait and see on that.

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    Re: Blue Fairy to be included in MSEP #4

    Cool! Great news and thank you for posting.
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