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Thread: eFX Nautilus

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    eFX Nautilus

    The eFX Nautilus went on sale today. If you were at the D23 Expo, you may have seen it. It's amazing. Does anyone have any thoughts on it? I went to the site about six times today and ALMOST "pulled the trigger," but have to give it some more thought for $1,699 and the size. But, man, is it amazing.

    I've seen it several places on the web, including here: 2009 Holiday Geek-Gift Guide, Part 3: The best presents for Trekkies, Jedi knights and fanboys | Hero Complex | Los Angeles Times

    And of course Sue Kruse's column here: - A different look at Disney...

    What do you all think?

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    Re: eFX Nautilus

    IT looks amazing. Too rich for my blood though!

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