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    Oogie boogie how to

    Works with a 3mm LED too. A 5mm one is better fits better but 3mm works too.

    This is how I made OOGIE BOOGIE light up. Hope it's in the right area.


    • 1 Oggie Boogie
    • 1 USB Cable
    • 1 Green LED 5mm (5mm Green LED -
    • 1 Solder iron or gun
    • some solder
    • Hot glue Gun
    • Hot Glue Stick
    • 1 resistor (56 Ohm)
    • Small foam

    Step 1: This the hardest part since they are rare to find get this
    I found mine on ebay this guy sells them
    Nightmare before Christmas (NBX) Figure - OOGIE BOOGIE - eBay (item 290404986995 end time Apr-20-10 17:56:29 PDT)

    Step 2: Take the USB wire and cut female side of the wire open. You will see 4 wires all we care about is the Red and Black wire. (~5 volts). The other wires can be cut back. This is the side you don't wanna cut.

    Step 3: Take the back of oggie and drill a hole in his rear end (poop shoot) like this

    You can make it smaller. Just remember the wire has to fit.

    Step 4: Take your led and solder the negative end of the led to the black wire and take your resistor and solder that to the positive end. And then to the red wire. Like this.

    Step 5: String the usb wire though your new hole LED end first to oogie's head like this. And stick it in there.

    Then use some small foam to hold it there and a dab of hot glue to hold it there. I also glued some extra wire in to oogies tummy so there would be slack outside the poop shoot area.

    Step 6: Now that we have our light plug it in to the usb plug of the computer if it lights up then you did great.

    Step 7: Take some hot glue and seal on the inside oogie's poop shoot. So the wire stays there.

    Step 8: Put oggie back together and all done you have oggie's head lighting up.



    I am working with a 3mm led for my next project so I will let you know how that goes and Oogie Boogie 2.0 will have a rechargeable battery inside it. And a USB Memory Stick.
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