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    Olszewski Piece problem

    I have the Olszewski Walt Disney World Main Street USA collection. Last night I had the Emporium piece plugged in and turned on when the power went out for a second. When the power came back I turned the piece back on and now all the lights are much dimmer than they should be, especially the lamppost lights. Any ideas what could be wrong or how I may be able to fix the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Olszewski Piece problem

    How did the power go out? Was there an over current that tripped your circuit breaker? Because if that was the case, something could have drawn in more current than it would allow which might have damaged the adapter if it wasn't plugged into a surge protector. Did you try a different outlet? A different adapter? Are they still dim with battery power? I'm not too familiar with model circuitry, but I guess that would be a start.

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