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Thread: Msep #3?

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    Msep #3?

    I know that MSEP piece is supposed to come out in may, does anyone know the date? Even further, is there a place that has dates for other various Olszewski piece's? I've been to the studios site as well as disney gallery site but it doesn't list anything.

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    Re: Msep #3?

    I don't know when in May, but I'm sure Olszewski Studios will be sending out an email announcement.

    As far as other release dates, I don't know of any official sources that give much notice. Here's a link to a great site that has info that might help:

    Olszewski Disneyland miniatures, Gallery of Light, Heirloom Boxes and more

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    Re: Msep #3?

    May is usually when the release is, but it was mentioned by other sources there may be an issue with the Food and Wine Festival going on at the same time. An announcement should be coming before too long.

    The only other dates we "know" is July 17th for House of the Future and possibly Snow White followed by a November/December release for Pinocchio. Supposedly we'll see the return of the accessory packs sometime in the fall as well, but that is not official yet.

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