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    Olszewski pieces needed

    Hello: Just looking for some items to complete my collection. Would love to sell or trade with a fellow collector. I am avidly searching for: the market house, city hall/fire station, adventureland/frontierland gateways, plaza pavillion, and carnation plaza gardens. Any help or guidance would be immensely appreciated. Can't wait to locate these remaining items and start assembling my platform. It has been waiting so patiently to be used.


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    Re: Olszewski pieces needed

    I have no idea where to find these but check eBay and craigslist and disney's website. Good luck!
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    Re: Olszewski pieces needed

    Thanks, i'll keep looking. Actually my list is getting smaller.

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    Re: Olszewski pieces needed

    Good luck on your hunt ! It is just fantastic to have the platform!

    When I made my first platform (before the official one came out) I used black "foamcore" cut outs for missing buildings. Much like the platform display they had in the old Disney Gallery. (I think they used green paper).

    Either way, enjoy !

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