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    Vinylmation vs Pin Trading

    When I went to WDW 3 years ago Pin Trading was defiantly in style. Now just coming back after a week at WDW it looks like the buzz has died a lot and is shifting towards Vinylmation. So is Vinylmation the death of Pin trading. Which do you prefer.
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    Re: Vinylmation vs Pin Trading


    They're more unique because they aren't all shaped like Mickey.

    And there is even Vinylmation Pins.

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    Re: Vinylmation vs Pin Trading


    I really don't get the whole Vinylmation thing... To each his/her own.
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    Re: Vinylmation vs Pin Trading

    As someone who collects both, I think I can offer a few thoughts...

    All of the many, many Vinylmation releases notwithstanding, Condiment Bottles, Big Eyes, Sports, Have a Laugh, Vinylmation jr., Vinylmation is still much more of a niche product than pins. What I mean by that is that anyone can find a pin that they'll like. With the vinyls, it seems like if you don't like them, it doesn't matter what the design is.

    From the marketing and product development standpoint, Vinylmation has tossed everything and the kitchen sink out there in order to see what sells and what doesn't. Hence, all the many, many different releases that I mentioned earlier. Now because it's still a work in progress to some degree, the Limited Edition vinylmation release events have often been disastrous and plagued by under estimating demand and therefore setting the edition sizes far too low. In those instances where the limited edition set is split between DL and WDW, it has tended to be something like 75-80% of the sets going to WDW and 25-20% going to DL.

    In short, collecting vinylmation can be problematic for the hard core collector but equally as problematic for casual collectors. Even with Cast Member trading in the parks, the blind boxing of most vinylmations series is most likely a deterrent to many. The recent appearance of some series with clear window boxes would suggest that Marketing is taking a hard look if that will improve sales any bit.

    Alright I've probably bored everyone to death so I'll end my contribution to the discussion for the time being.

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    Re: Vinylmation vs Pin Trading

    Agreed, and so I treat Vinylmation the same way i do pins: Buy what I like. Made harder by the blind boxes, but I only buy series I like or only a few if I only like a few in the series. I can always trade if I get one I don't like.

    I am a huge pin collector, and when Vinylmation first came out, I spent a lot of my pin money on Vinylmations because there were a lot that I liked.

    And now that there aren't very many series I like out, when i go to WDW in a few months, I'll be mostly buying pins - there re some great ones coming out!!

    I don;t think this will be the death of pin collecting... I think that crazy people and Disney not caring about scrappers are worse for it.
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