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  • DisneyLizzy's Essay

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  • Ninjakyo's Essay

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  • TriSarahTops Photo: Toady Goes On Safari

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  • Fantasmico!'s Essay

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  • Villiagecreator's Photo: Golfing Toad Car

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  • Worshipeternal's Photo: Toady Enters The Tunnel

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  • Clockworkmonkey's: Toady Kicks Pooh (Out of WDW)

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  • Smit-Dog's Photo: Main Street Horsepower

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  • Jessfong's Photo: Toady Travels The World

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  • Worshipeternal's Photo: Toady Wheelies At The Studio's

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    Circarama's Toad-ally Awesome MiceChat Challenge Poll!!


    The poll has closed and the winner of Circarama's Toad-ally Awesome MiceChat Challenge Poll in a landslide vote is Worshipeternal's photo, which I titled "Toady Enters The Tunnel".

    Congratulations to Worshipeternal, and thank you to everyone who submitted art and essay's and also a great big thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in this poll. Once again, MiceChatters have stepped-up to the challenge and delivered!!

    This has been a really fun experience and I'm sure that we'll be doing more of these in the future.


    Greetings everyone!!

    Well, the entry window has closed on my

    Circarama's Toad-ally Awesome MiceChat Challenge and eBay Auction!

    Thank you to everyone who participated. Your entries, both written and Photoshopped are wonderful, and without you this contest wouldn't have even happened. So again, thank you so much for your participation.

    I have listed the 10 finalists and their entries in this thread so you won't have to jump back and forth between threads. Choose ONE that you like best and vote for it in the poll. The poll closes this Sunday, September 26th at 9PM PST. The entry that garners the most votes wins this marvelous grand prize...


    Entry #1
    DisneyLizzy's Written Essay:
    During my childhood the hip thing on my block was to have a car. From tots it was hot wheels; to youths it was a fancy remote control car. But only the coolest of the cool owned their very own car, the kind that kids could actually drive. They were these dinky plastic rides, with the battery life of a fruit fly that could barely get you around the block once. I wanted one so bad. There was one in the form of Barbie’s Dream mobile, with a flashy pink paint job that sparkled in the sunlight as you spend along at 2.5 mph. I remember the commercials always showed these cool chicks, pigtails in their hair, wearing their bathing suits and smashing the pedal down with jellies on their feet. It was the envy of every little girl’s dream. I can’t blame not having one on being poor, my parents were just too sensible and didn’t see the point in wasting money on something that I would grow out of in less than a year. So I never got one.

    I, unlike my parents, am not sensible. A Mr. Toad Car wouldn’t really be an uncommon item for me to own, and if I did have one I know exactly what I would do. I would find a way to trick it out, and make it run on its own. I can just image the little puttering noise it would make when I would take it out on the town. How it would go up and down and the sound of the horn would be sweet in my ears. I would wave at all of the silly people in actual cars driving around, and they would look upon my glorious ride with adoration and say aloud “Now there goes a fine automobile indeed.” I would take it to drive in movies and sit with my sweetie, eating popcorn until we are too thirsty to eat another bite!

    If time travel were also readily available I would go back in time and let my past self drive it around and show up all of the kids on the block. To see the looks on their faces as I drive around a slice of Disney! Though time travel being so widely available would be slim. Instead, when I settle down and have a family, then my children could delight in having a car of their own. Then they would be the envy of every kid on the block, and it would be way cooler than any Barbie Dream Mobile I could have ever owned.
    Entry #2
    Ninjakyo's Written Essay:
    There is a special feeling I get when my fingers curl themselves around the wheel of the car as I make the first turn and crash through the beginning of Toad Hall.
    As a child, my earliest Disneyland memory is of riding Mr. Toad’s. My grandfather sat with me on my first high speed adventure through the story. I will never forget when he said “Well, now we are in Hell!” as we entered the hot and humid cavern of the underworld. I had never heard my grandfather say such a word. I knew, then and there, that Mr. Toad was my hero.
    I have had an undying need for speed. I dream of flying through the country side, scattering sheep up shepherds in my wake; to race a train side by side down the tracks (for I am not as brave as Mr. Toad to face it head on). I have wanted to make a sharp turn through the dark village streets, narrowly missing scaffolding and crates as I hastily make my way towards a nice tall frothy drink in the local pub.
    This Cyril is more than a piece of Disney memorabilia. It is a totem, there to ensure that the dangerous activity Mr. Toad preformed will not be repeated by a mortal being aka myself. It is also a reminder that this will always be the first line to seek when visiting Disneyland. Maybe it will help my Motormania cool itself, and make my eyes cease to spin like Mr. Toad's as I grip the wheel.

    I can still feel, the moment when you begin to drive down the pier, the little girl from the first ride convincing me we are about to drive off and splash into the ocean.
    Entry #3
    TriSarahtops Photo: Toady Goes On Safari

    Entry #4
    Fantasmico!'s Written Essay:
    Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was my favorite ride as a kid. It's still a must ride. There are so many people who would love to visit Disneyland or Walt Disney World but can't (myself included), so how about giving them a taste of the magic?

    I would paint an English countryside on a canvas backdrop and have a construction barrier with a "road closed" sign attached to the front. The car would be placed in between the two to create a "scene" from the ride so people could climb in the car to have their pictures taken.

    I'd take this set up to charity events preferably where a trip to Disney would be a drawing prize. Perhaps charge a small fee at non-charity events that would be donated to women and children's charities.
    Entry #5
    Villagecreator's Photo: Golfing Toad Car

    Entry #6
    Worshipeternal's Photo: Toady Enters The Tunnel

    Entry #7
    Clockworkmonkey's Photo:Clockworkmonkey's: Toady Kicks Pooh (Out of WDW)

    Entry #8
    Smit-Dog's Photo: Main Street Horsepower

    Entry #9
    Jessfong's Photo: Toady Travels The World

    Entry #10
    Worshipeternal's Photo: Toady Wheelies At The Studio's
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