I was recently asked to offer my thoughts and review the new Snow White Evil Queen Heart Box from eFX Collectibles. If you attended D23 in 2009 they had a prototype on display at the show.

The collectible was just recently released and I video-taped the un-boxing of it along with my thoughts. if you would like to read my review you can click here to go to the site. The video alone is on YouTube at YouTube - eFX Collectibles Snow White Heart Box Unboxing

If you don't want to visit the site, just know that this is one amazing piece. I have frankly never seen something taken from what was just an animated image and turned into something so beautiful. While it's not priced for the budget collector, ($599) it definitely is worth the price. It certainly separates the casual collector from the die-hard one. if you are a big Snow White fan, then you may want to make room for it in your home!