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    Question WDCC membership kit contents

    Hi, I was a member of the WDCS for five years until it finished and I am trying to collect the back membership kits that I missed. My problem is that I would like the complete kits but I'm not sure what was in several of the kits in terms of extras. I know each kit had a sculpture and a pin but am not sure which ones had coins, lithographs (and how many lithographs if part of the kit), other items.... I'd be really grateful if people could fill me in on what was in the kits from 1993 up to and including 2003. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: WDCC membership kit contents

    Other than the sculpture, the certificate of authority, and the pin, one year subscription to the Sketches magazine, and the box. nothing else was a regular part of the kit. I can only recall one coin, and don't even recall if that was part of the kit or some other piece. There were some sets of pins that had some of the symbols for the year imprint, but those were extra and not part of the membership kits. As for the small lithos, I couldn't tell you off hand, as those were an extremely limited number of years that those were part of the kits.

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