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    Seeking info for October 1, 1982 (cast?) Epcot "We Did It!" Poster

    I've exhausted my brain trying to find this on the net. I did find one unsold at an auction house but it had no info with it,.
    Then I found your site & thought I'd try here next.
    It's 18x24 & must be a cast poster for those who worked on the 'attraction'.
    MM & Minnie are in the center of the people portion at the bottom, everyone has a MM balloon, they wear mostly pink shirts & the bottom left corner says, C 1982 Walt Disney Productions.
    I imagine it's not particularly valuable since the one at auction didn't sell but that's OK. It's info about the piece that I seek.
    Thar she blows...Name:  epcot02.jpg
Views: 57
Size:  67.7 KB...Any info would be appreciated.

    I also have a cool 50's/60's? MM watch with 6 round MM heads as the links that I can't find anything like
    & a RAD MM Bob Baker Marionette with a brass inscribed plate from BB on 1 of the controls, it's numbered DXXX on the plate & on the bottom of the feet. It's really awesome & in fantastic condition & again, I can't find a shred of info on it. Nothing!
    This seems a bit strange to me since Disney is SO popular.

    Anyway, so long for now & thanks for the fine site.
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