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    Need to sell WDCC figurines ASAP

    Hi. I am moving an need to sell my WDCC figurines. They have been stored in a glass curio cabinet. I have the boxes and certificates on most of them. However, some of the boxes I do not have. I have several pieces from 101 Dalmatians, The Aristocats, and Bambi....including the field mouse without his paws touching. I also have some other miscellaneous pieces from Lady and the Tramp, Fox and the Hound, Snow White, Tinkerbell, Belle, and the Little Mermaid. Please let me know if you are looking for any certain piece. I'd be glad to make a deal! Thanks!

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    Re: Need to sell WDCC figurines ASAP

    is it possible for you to post pics ?

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    Re: Need to sell WDCC figurines ASAP

    Folks, I certainly do not want to say that the OP is crooked. They may be totally legit. But please be careful. More than once have we had people come on here say they have to sell quickly, offer great deals, and then pocket the money and run. Be very careful. The Op should be able to post pictures (not ones from google images) that they took of their products. The fact that we have people asking for info and no response makes me very suspicious.

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