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    5 Freaky Gifts for the Stitch Fan Who Has Everything

    You only have ONE MORE SHOPPING DAY 'TIL EASTER, and the person you're buying for has allergies to chocolate and a prejudice against Peeps. Whatever will you do? Well, if they're a Stitch fan, I think I've got the answer to your last-minute shopping situation. The five items shown below are not only all Stitch-inspired, they're pretty much guaranteed to be the type of movie tie-ins that even the most avid Lilo & Stitch fan will have missed.

    Hope this helps!

    Stitch CD Player

    Most of the online reviews for this thing describe it as hideous, but frankly, I find it one of the more inspired tie-ins from the film. Super cute: The teeth double as the controls!
    If you can navigate the site, it's supposedly available here.

    Stitch's Head On A Platter. Er...I mean, a Stitch Cake

    If I learned one thing from my step-mother's eating disorder, it was that food = affection. This delightful dessert would've been worth two years of unspoken I love yous.
    Further inspiration can be found here.

    Stitch USB Desktop Humidifier

    Is pumping clouds of cool steam into the air around your computer really a good idea? I doubt it. Still, there's no denying that this will inspire countless conversations with curious co-workers.
    Once upon a time it was available here.

    Stitch "Personal Massager
    You name a cute cartoon character, I guarantee you that the Japanese have made it into a vibrator. Personally, I find it quite touching. (No pun intended.) But while The Land of the Rising Sun has no problem promoting items aimed at areas where the sun don't shine, the rest of the world prudishly prefers that I label this a "personal massager."
    Available here.

    Stitch TV

    Someday soon I'm going to wake up and realize that the life I'm living right now has been nothing more than a dream. When that happens, there's really only three things that I think I'll miss: My gal Mishka, Dole Whips for breakfast, and the chance to have owned this too-cool-to-be-true TV.
    Again, if you can figure out the website, it's supposed to be available here.
    Bored? Check out my animation news & reviews website:

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    Re: 5 Freaky Gifts for the Stitch Fan Who Has Everything

    Lilo & Stitch the Series just got ten times better! I call the purple one! Lilo would attend a summer camp called Whispering Rocks Psychic Summer Camp and would somehow sneak Stitch into it with her. There, she would meet a 10 year old boy named Raz, and a handfull of other campers. There would be some brain-stealing plot created by one of the counselors and only Raz, Lilo, and Stitch would be able to stop it. Lilo would be captured, leaving Raz and Stitch to rescue her, as well as the official Psychonauts working at the camp, seeing as two have been captured and the other is the mastermind behind the brain-stealing scheme.

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    Re: 5 Freaky Gifts for the Stitch Fan Who Has Everything

    i love the stitch tv, with him hanging off the back, so cute!
    man... i guess there really is the perfect gift for someone who has everything...

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