I have a few sets of Mickey and Vinylmation Ears but never have I had the craving to purchase a set of ears faster then this. Apparently at the E3 Gaming Conference the Nintendo guys had one of the coolest swag ideas ever. To promote Epic Mickey 2 they created a little shop called Ostown Hats where you could get Oswald Ears (thats right not Mickey ears). I snapped mine on Ebay before they prices got as high as the are now (prices ranging from $60 - 200+). The cheaper hats already have a name embroidered on them (which I heard was suppose to be done, no hats without names were suppose to leave, but thats a rumor). The most expensive ones still have no embroidery. I am surprised that something like this hat has not been created for the launch of Buena Vista Street. Although the merchandise clearly is promoting the "it all started with a mouse."

I didn't see this posted anywhere so I thought I would let people know.

Example on ebay:

E3 2012 Disney Epic Mickey 2 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Ears Hat | eBay