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    Anyone into gardening?

    I know, random...

    I've been trying my hand at gardening the last few years and have had a few successes with bulbs. My main problem is this darn rosebush that was here before me.

    The house I live in is very old, and there is a rose bush in the front yard that I am sure is just as old as the house. It's HUGE, like 6.5 feet tall...and I just don't know what to do with it. I want to prune it down to 3 ft tall, but I am so afraid of killing it as we are just renters here. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Anyone into gardening?

    where do you live?

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    Re: Anyone into gardening?

    You should be ok to prune the rose. They're pretty tough. You just want to make sure to leave it enough to resprout in the spring, and that you don't damage the spot where the plant meets root. But if you cut a 6-foot tall plant down to 3 feet, you should be ok. Make sure to keep it fed and watered, and cut off the flowers as they fade (come June).

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    Re: Anyone into gardening?

    Get permission from the landlord or you risk being responsible for replacing a 6 foot rose bush where there was one

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