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    DIsneyland Jemrocks, ca 1957, From "Jemrocks Assay Office"

    Hi all!

    This set of rocks was purchased for my brother around 1957 when he lived in LA. My understanding is that it is from a shop in Disneyland called "Jemrocks Assay Office". I have included 3 pictures of the set, including one showing a sticker on the box with "Disneyland", "Jemrocks", & "c Walt Disney Productions".

    If anyone has any information on this set as well as possible value, I would sure appreciate it. Thanks!
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    Re: DIsneyland Jemrocks, ca 1957, From "Jemrocks Assay Office"

    I do not know about the value, but I thought I would share what "The Disneyland Encyclopedia" by Chris Strodder (2012) says:

    "Listed among the earliest stores on Main Street is the small Jemrock Shop (also called the Jemrocks and Gem Shop) open for only two years in the mid-'50s. Its location inside the Crystal Arcade was appropriate for a lapidary business. But by the time the 1958 Disneyland souvenir book came out, all mention of the Jemrock Shop was gone."

    Given this information, I would bet the set is worth a pretty good price to a Disneyland collector. It has to be pretty rare. Also the box looks to be in pretty respectable condition given the age. I am sure there are others on here that can give you some more information and hopefully put you in touch with some good people. Hope this helps at least a little.

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    Re: DIsneyland Jemrocks, ca 1957, From "Jemrocks Assay Office"

    Disneyland was selling uranium in the 1950's?

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    Re: DIsneyland Jemrocks, ca 1957, From "Jemrocks Assay Office"

    Ditto. URANIUM?!

    Put this on eBay and I'm guessing the winning bidder will be somewhere in Afghanistan.

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