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    The real question is, where are you?

    Cooking with Mickey - Volume 1

    Hey guys...

    I have owned the "Cooking with Mickey - Volume 2" cookbook for many years, and have failed to find the first volume in this series, which I am pretty sure exists. If anyone has any information on where to pick one up, I would appreciate it. That is "Cooking with Mickey - Volume 1" NOT "Volume 2".

    Thank You

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    Re: Cooking with Mickey - Volume 1

    I think Volume 1 was called Cooking With Mickey - Around Our World published in 1986. I bought mine at DL when it was released but there are many of them available on eBay.

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    Re: Cooking with Mickey - Volume 1

    I have this cookbook also and have hunted for the Volume I edition for over 10 years. Nobody seems to know anything about it, so I'm not sure a Volume I ever existed.

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