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    Micky Mouse ears

    Just curious about mickey ears...

    -When did they start selling them at DL? Was it something that was sold from the very beginning?

    -How have they evolved through the decades? (I remember the version I use to get in the late 70s and 80s had a very small black visor on the front.)

    I also noticed pics of new ones that have an elastic string to keep them on. I don't have that on the ears I purchased last year. Is this something new or maybe what they do for the kid sized ears?

    Thanks for feeding my curiosity on those fun ears!

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    Re: Micky Mouse ears

    The ears were created after Roy "Moose"Williams made a pair for the Mickey Mouse Club show. He was motivated by a cartoon short called The Karnival kid.
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    Re: Micky Mouse ears

    When I bought my pair last December (at WDW) I asked the CM why some adult ears had the elastic strap and most didn't. She said that some of the new shipments recently have been mixed and that is just how they came now so that you had a choice. But that just about all the new kid sizes had the elastic

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